If you fancy yourself a developer and want to start developing for DVBLink then you will want to grab the Remote API C# library that they just published.

This is what DVBLogic posted in their forums:

The attachment of this topic contains a set of C# classes that we use in our products to work with DVBLink Connect! Server using its Remote API.

With this library we would like to provide kick-start experience for our users who would like to write their own client for DVBLink Connect! Server.

At the moment there is not much documentation or sample code for this library. We will add them at a later stage. In the meanwhile I will provide a very short introduction to the code, hoping that it is largely self-explaining.

The core class is DataProvider.

This calss has a number of functions that directly correspond to the Remote API commands – like GetChannels, SearchEpg etc. Each of this functions takes an appropriate command object as input – ChannelsRequest object in case of GetChannels function, EpgSearcher object in case of SearchEpg function etc.

The result is returned asynchronously via IDataProvider interface implementation. DataProcessing function is called in case of success and ErrorProcessing in case of error. DataProcessing function returns a response object of a type that directly corresponds to the type of request: ChannelIdWithPrograms SearchEpg request, Channels in case of GetChannels request etc.

Stream can be requested from the server using PlayChannel function. The returned Streamer object contains url that can be used to retrieve a stream and a handle, which should be used to stop streaming using StopChannel function.

Download the Library from here