Xtreamer firmware version 3.5 for Xtreamer Prodigy, Prodigy Silver, Prodigy Black released

Xtreamer has released firmware version 3.5 for its Xtreamer Prodigy, Prodigy Silver, Prodigy Black devices.

This is what Xtreamer said:

Xtreamer Prodigy Ver 3.5 firmware is a result of a massive effort being done by our R&D teams and our community for the past 4 months. We built and optimized an entirely new Engine that will allow you to navigate your media collection on a movie info and poster based system. We believe that once you will try it you will be able to experience a new level of synergy of HD & Internet content. Very much the same way it is done on HTPC environment, on ver 3.5 you get a faster, simpler and more elegant user experience without all the headache of pre-processing your media on a computer.

What’s included in the update:

  • Movie Jukebox Functionality and Engine.
  • The Ability to get the movie info and posters without requiring any PC software.
  • System TrueType Font change functionality. You can now easily change the entire system font.
  • Entire new On Screen Display for Zoom, GOTO, Subtitle and INFO screens.
  • New TrickPlay while movies are playing
  • Smoother performance and file navigation
  • More system info in all media sources view modes
  • File size and HDD size
  • Integral live streaming content optimized to HD
  • Many new system core packages such as python, perl and OpenSSL
  • Compatibility to PC Scraping software such as Thumbgen and Ember Media Manager.
  • Parental Control with Folder Password Lock
  • The ability to Play a Folder in all view modes
  • Scroller in  Media Library
  • Optimization of Thumbnail view mode to poster sizes
  • Optimization of Preview mode to Fanart standard sizes.
  • Infrastructure for future growth and enhanced functionality.
  • New System Indicator Bar with more functions.
  • Language Fixes for Right to Left languages (Arabic and hebrew)
  • Many system bug fixes.
Download the firmware from here