Note that there is a Netflix app, and also the Sony Music Unlimited service available for the PS Vita.

  • Near: This application uses the GPS chip (if you purchased a Vita with a GSM chip like I did!) to see what people around you are doing with their Vita.  It uses the coarse location identifier in Near and compares Near information from other Vita users nearby.  I really liked this application; not too long ago, I used it in Chicago’s O’Hare airport and in a Marriott in Sydney, Australia.  Here is the screenshot from Sydney:

Near Sydney

There were 5 people playing with their Vita at the time that I ran this on a Friday night.  My avatar is the cat in the middle, and you can see the others listed by their coarse GPS location provided by Near.  I have used this feature to find and connect online with about 6 local people near me so far, and this has been a really fun feature.

Here is what people around me were playing recently:

Near Detail

  • Friends: This is the application for managing your friends on the Vita.  It shows everyone that  you’ve connected with and their trophy count, what they have been playing, and their PlayStation Network level.  Here is the detail from my friend Chris.

Friends Chris

Chris is a level 12 with 778 trophies, all earned on a PS3.  Nice!

  • Group Messaging: This is an app that allows you to send test messages to friends from the PlayStation Network.  It is a competent texting application and only works with people on the PSN.
  • Trophy Collection: This app lets you see the details of your earned trophies, both on the Vita and on the PSN as a whole.  Here is what my Vita trophies look like:


Trophy Collection