Seagate have just released a firmware update for its GoFlex satellite drive.


This is what is included:

Released March 2012

  • Ability to join an existing Wi-Fi network (Internet access while connected to the GoFlex Satellite)
  • Support for more than 3 users
  • Password change option located on main screen
  • Support for M4A (MP4) meta data (album art, song title, artists, etc are now displayed in the various menus)
  • A-Z scroll bars added to Movies and Documents screens
  • Option for extended battery life when combined with the current iOS GoFlex Media App (download/play feature on settings page)
  • The ability to toggle between the native video player and GoFlex Media video player for Android App on the settings page
You can download the 51MB firmware update here
  • Claudiopolis2

    Thank you Andrew! Really useful for me as I would have missed this update otherwise. I own a GoFlex Satellite drive and this update solves the main problem (no internet during wireless connection to the drive) with this product. That’s just great. Thanks!