My new iPad arrived on Friday and I have been playing with it ever since, and I have to say I am really impressed so far.

Unboxing the new iPad

The box contains the iPad, a cable, the power plug and some documentation – just as before.

UWHS - the New iPad - 1UWHS - the New iPad - 2UWHS - the New iPad - 3UWHS - the New iPad - 4UWHS - the New iPad - 5UWHS - the New iPad - 6

A Closer Look

UWHS - the New iPad - 7UWHS - the New iPad - 8UWHS - the New iPad - 9UWHS - the New iPad - 10UWHS - the New iPad - 11UWHS - the New iPad - 12

Comparing the New iPad to the iPad 2

If you put the new iPad next to the iPad 2 then you really won’t see a difference – for those of you who want to know, the new iPad is the one on the right.

UWHS - the New iPad - 13

The new iPad is a little bit thicker, but not much (it’s the one on the top).

UWHS - the New iPad - 14

What is really noticeable however is the quality of the retina display – it is amazing.

This is a photo of the new iPad – the wording under the icons is crystal clear.

UWHS - the New iPad - 17

The same picture on the iPad 2 and the wording isn’t as sharp or defined. It’s interesting that after only a few minutes of using the new iPad it is hard to look at the iPad 2 again!

UWHS - the New iPad - 18

Using the New iPad

The initial screen has a different backdrop that the iPad 2, other than that it’s business as usual.


The quality on the camera is excellent though. The picture below is taken with the new iPad.


And here is the same Moomin taken with the iPad 2, notice the difference!


Final Thoughts

After only two days I am really impressed with the new iPad. I wasn’t sure if the retina display was going to be all it was cracked up to be, but it turned out that it certainly was. The quality is just amazing, and when you use apps that are design specifically for the retina display it’s even better.

I am also really impressed with the quality of the camera, although I can’t see myself standing in the street taking pictures with it!

Did you get a new iPad? If so let us know what you think of it.