A new add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 has been released which enables the IIS webdav feature for the server folders.


Microsoft Home Server 2011 Add-in to enable WebDAV access to the server folders.


  • Installs and configures the IIS WebDAV feature
  • Choosable alias name for the virtual directory
  • Folder permissions are granted
  • HTTPS access only
Learn more and download from here
  • Jaxon

    By any chance will there be an article in the near future regarding how one can implement and leverage the new capabilities from this add-in?

    • Hi Jaxon – we will certainly add it to the list, yes! Watch this space!

      • Jaxon

        Awesome, looking forward to it!

    • mschnecke

      Hi Jason,
      by installing this add-in, WHS server folders are available via webdav in the internet.
      You can use the “Map network drive…” feature of the Windows Explorer to map your WHS server folders or you can use a webdav client on your smartphone or tablet to access your files on your WHS.