Nokia’s PureView camera tech is coming to Windows Phone…read on for details.

Nokia recently introduced a Symbian phone with a 41 megapixel camera on board, using a technology called PureView, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.   Well, now today comes the news that this technology is coming to Windows Phone in the near future.  How does a Lumia with a 41 megapixel camera on board sound to you?

Here is what WPCentral has to say about this development:

Remember that insane Symbian cameraphone that was unveiled at this year’s MWC, which blew some of us away? Looks like the PureView camera technology that provided the Nokia 808 with a 41MP shooter has been confirmed to be heading to a Windows Phone near you (check out some of our hands-on coverage to witness what this will mean for consumers).

Nokia’s Jo Harlow validated the speculation that the manufacturer would be brining this technology to the Lumia Windows Phone family in an interview with Finnish newspaper Aamulehti. When queried about when we should expect to see such a device, Harlow replied with (rough translation): “I can’t say precisely when, but it will not take very long.” Windows Phone Apollo (when we’re more than likely to see PureView on Microsoft’s platform) just got that little bit sweeter, no?

That would be a great development for Nokia and for Windows Phone!  We’ll keep you posted on developments.

Hat tip to WPCentral on this story.