In the next article on Windows 8, Microsoft talks about the use of languages, including the use of United Kingdom English!

Win 8 lang

This is how the next article begins:

Since its introduction in Windows 2000, Multilingual User Interface technology, or MUI, has allowed customers to install additional display languages on their Windows PCs and to switch between them. But for the majority of users, the language you got when you booted up your Windows PC for the first time was likely the one you were stuck with. For Windows 8, we have reimagined the display language experience, focusing on making additional display languages available to all Windows users, making them super easy to find and install, and allowing users to switch between them. This blog entry unveils the changes we’ve been making in Windows to achieve this.

February 21 marks UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day. This year’s theme is “Mother tongue instruction and inclusive education” and we think making sure Windows can be used in the language you want is one way we can contribute to this goal. For more information from UNESCO please see the full site.

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