In the latest article on Windows 8, Microsoft discusses the huge amount of feedback they have received about File Management and what they are doing about it.

Win 8 file conflicts

This is how the article starts:

We previously published three blog posts that discussed the new file management experience in Windows 8: one about the new copy experience, one that detailed the design process we went through for the new conflict experience and one about the changes to Windows Explorer, including the introduction of the ribbon.

Those posts prompted great discussion and we read the approximately 2200 comments you left. This was wonderful feedback for us, and, along with information from our other feedback channels, we incorporated it into our design process.

A notepad with handwritten list of comment categories and numbers next to each category

Summarizing blog post comments

As we prepare for the beta, we thought we would update you on some of the key issues, and the changes you should expect to see.

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It’s not long now until the beta of Windows 8, and I for one cannot wait!