At CES, Sony were showing off a few devices that were powered by Google TV.


NSZ-GP9 Blu-Ray Disc Player

Sony were showing off their new 3D Blu-Ray disc player, which a rather nice touch pad remote control.


The remote has a touch pad with motion control, you can use voice to search for something and there is even a backlit keyboard on the other side. It looked very nice!


The NSZ-GP9 should be hitting the UK later this year!

NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player

There was also the NSZ-GS7 network media player, which also has the same remote control.



One thing Sony were not showing at CES were any new TV’s powered by Google TV. Whether that is because they are not going to produce anymore or that they just were not ready is up for debate. I say this because Google announced at CES that Sony was one of their partners for Google TV and they would have new kit later in 2012.