Load the Wi-Drive App From the Apple App Store

Kingston has published a free app in the app store.  Here is what it looks like on the iPad:

Wi Drive Screen 1

Search for Kingston, Inc. on the app store and choose and install Wi-Drive.  Pretty easy stuff!

Set Up The Wi-Drive and Wi-Drive Network

Once the app is loaded on your iOS device, turn on the Wi-Drive.  It sets up its own wireless network called Wi-Drive.  Turn on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and click on Settings.  Choose Wi-Fi and connect to Wi-Drive.  Once your device is connected to Wi-Drive, it can stream content.  Go ahead and open the app.

Stream Content

Open the app.  You’ll see a screen like the one below:

WiDrive Home

Click on Wi-Drive ( up in the top left corner.  Click on Content next and all of the items on the Wi-Drive become visible.  Click on the Entourage folder.

WiDrive Content

I’ll choose an Entourage episode, Season 6 Episode 4 to stream. I navigate into the Entourage folder, click on the episode to watch and enjoy the video!

WiDrive Entourage List

Here is what the initial streaming screen looks like:

WiDrive Entourage Small Screen