At CES Microsoft had a small section of their booth dedicated to “What’s Next”, one of which was the Printing Dress, which displays on the dress anything you Tweet!

UWHS - Microsofts Printing Dress at CES 2012 - 1

You basically type your Tweet, on the keyboard attached to the dress and away you go!

Here is what Microsoft say about the Printing Dress:

You are probably familiar with the old saying, “You are what you eat” but how about, “You are what you tweet?” What if this concept were incorporated into garments of the future? Would you censor yourself, knowing you would reveal your statements to the world around you?

The “Printing Dress” is an artistic piece that explores the notion of wearable text and its potential impact on the future of fashion, as well as our social identity. Built almost entirely of paper, the dress enables the wearer to enter “thoughts” on to its fabric and wear them as public art. By selecting materials and technologies that draw on the past, present, and future of communication media, we encourage viewers to reflect on the path that has brought us to ubiquitous digital communication and to contemplate its forward evolution.

If you are interested, there is a paper from Microsoft Research about the Printing Dress which you can read by clicking here.