I play Call of Duty, and have done since the early versions. Up until recently, there have been separate volume sliders in the options for music, ambient sound and voices (both voice commands and multiplayer voice chat). In MW3, for some reason Treyarch have decided to lump all the sound (except player chatter) into ONE volume control. The result is that you have to have the music at the same volume as the sound effects, and consequently can’t hear anything while in the menus and lobbies, and also towards the start and end of each match. I find it most annoying when playing private matches with friends – you’re trying to have a chat and figure out what type of game to play, but you’ve constantly got “DUMM DUMM DUMM, DUMM DUMM DUMM” in the background; well, more like the foreground really.

Well if it drives you crazy too, and you’re on the PC, you can silence it.

All you have to do is navigate to the “miles” directory and rename mssmp3.asi to mssmp3.bak. That’s it. Restart the game in blissful peace and quiet; until the ‘nades start flying, anyway! For the full directory path, see the image below:

MW3 Sound Folder

I should say that although this doesn’t appear to trip any cheating triggers with Steam, I haven’t had it set up like this for very long. I’ve seen this trick and variations on it around various forums, and no-one seems to be reporting any issues.

Happy hunting!