Installing on a Mac

UWHS Review - StarTech USB HDMI adaptor 024

Unfortunately the software provided didn’t run on my MacBook Air running Lion. It claimed that it would only run on Intel-based computers – which the Air is!

UWHS Review - StarTech USB HDMI adaptor 02325

After speaking to a very helpful member of StarTech’s technical support, I was informed that it would only run on Tiger or Leopard (not even Snow Leopard) which was a shame. So if you have a very old Mac it might work, if you have anything new it won’t!

Final Thoughts

The USB2HDMI adaptor from StarTech is small, light-weight and is very easy to set up and use.

After you have installed the software, which is very quick and easy, it’s just a case of connecting it up to the monitor/TV using an HDMI cable (which isn’t supplied, so make sure you buy one) and choosing which mode you want to use it in.

I found that both modes worked fine for my purposes, on both a desktop and a laptop. However, when I tried to use it on my MacBook Air running Lion it doesn’t work because the software doesn’t support either Lion or Snow Leopard. This is a shame, and there is no word on when it might support them either.

There are also two useful options in the software – optimise for video (which is used for video playback on either Windows Vista or Windows 7) and Fit to TV (which is used to adjust the size of the desktop on the TV if you are in extended mode. Both are really useful additions.

This particular version supports USB 2.0 – I believe a USB 3.0 is available, or coming very soon, so I will be eager to see how it compares.

The retail price is £83.99 + VAT, but if you search around you can find it for around £59.99 including VAT, or less.


Learn more from the StarTech website