Using CrystalDiskMark showed similar results for Read and better results for Write.

UWHS Review - DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 128GB USB Flash Drive 020

Final Thoughts

This USB Flash Drive is very lightweight and is easy to fit in your pocket (which is exactly what you would expect, and need, from a flash drive).

It is also fast, well it’s fast when using it with USB 3.0 ports – if you use it on USB 2.0, then it’s quite slow, but you wouldn’t really buy this drive unless you could use it on USB 3.0 would you?

I didn’t quite get the speeds that Kingston claim for the drive, but I wasn’t far off, so I am happy to put the difference down to testing kit.

The drive also claims to be shock resistant – I did drop it a few times and even throw it across the room and it worked fine. This is useful as it is surprising just how much flash drives get thrown about, or dropped!

It’s also not the thinnest drive on the market – but I would say that it felt reassuringly chunky!

One thing I did notice was that prolonged use of the drive mad it very warm, so bear that in mind.

Price wise, the 128GB version retails for around £199.44, which isn’t cheap, but if you want a large capacity speedy flash drive you should certainly take a long hard look at this one!


Learn more from the Kingston website