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Firecore Updates Seas0nPass Jailbreak Tools Package for AppleTV 4.4.4 Users – It’s Finally Untethered

Seas0nPass has been updated to support an untethered jailbreak of the new AppleTV 4.4.4 software, as we told you about a few days ago.

Here is what they said:

Happy New Year! Today we are happy to release an updated version of Seas0nPass that supports an untethered jailbreak of the latest 4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1) AppleTV software. Big thanks goes to the world famous @pod2g for doing the lion’s share of the work to make this new version possible.

What’s new in AppleTV 4.4.4?

Note: If you’re already running a tethered version of 4.4.4 you will need to re-jailbreak using Seas0nPass to take advantage of the new untethered version.

Which plugins are supported on 4.4.4?

How do I get it?

As always, Seas0nPass is available as a free download from