Do you want to run iTunes on your Windows Home Server? If so, there is an add-in called iHomeServer for iTunes you might want to look at.



iTunes normally runs as a desktop application which requires you to be logged into your desktop at all times in order to play music or video remotely. Many people are now using Home Sharing to share a single iTunes music/video library with other iTunes clients, however, most know the frustration of trying to keep the iTunes always open on your computer.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to stream music to your iPhone or iPad only to find that iTunes isn’t running, or worse still has crashed, on your computer! What’s the point of having all of your media centralised if you can’t access it?

Enter iHomeServer for iTunes! iHomeServer for iTunes installs an agent on top of a normal iTunes installation and runs iTunes in the background as a service.

iHomeServer now support iTunes 10.5 so new features such as Wifi sync and iCloud purchase synchronisation are also available to your iTunes Media Server!

iHomeServer for iTunes boasts the following features – click on the link for further information:

  • Runs iTunes as a background service
  • Custom “watch folders” scanned for new/changed media
  • Supports iTunes Airplay and Home Sharing
  • Supports iTunes Remote App for iOS
  • Supports iTunes Wifi Sync
  • Supports iTunes iCloud purchase synchronisation
  • Background refreshes iTunes media metadata
  • Background refreshes iTunes cover art
  • Transparently restarts if iTunes crashes
  • Dead content detection – automatically cleans the iTunes library if tracks have been removed from your hard disk
  • Supports iTunes even when no Sound Card is installed
Learn more and download the 30 day trial from here