Application UI Features
  • Multi-touch, convenient user interface
  • Smooth and fast panning and zooming of all content
  • Custom-designed phone and tablet device styles
  • Rotate screen landscape / portrait
  • Zoom to any size
  • Search for text within document
  • Create new document from template or blank page
  • Save edited documents in native format and transfer to another computer
Microsoft® Word Documents
  • View documents with text, tables, autoshapes, images, pagination, headers, footers, columns, fields, OLE embedded files, fonts, alignment, sizes, colours, spacing, lines, drawings, international text, and much more
  • Edit text, add or delete text in any supported language
  • Select and drag text
  • Select and move images within document
  • Edit body text
  • Edit table cell text
  • Format font size and name
  • Format text: Bold, Underline, Italic
  • Colour text and background
  • Alignment: Left, Centre, Right
  • List styles: Bullet, Numbered
  • Undo and redo text edit
  • Save in original format for use on other devices
  • Rotate and zoom to any size
Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheets
  • View spreadsheets with numeric, text and formula values, alignment, images, shapes, merged cells, borders, colours, fonts, sizes, lines, drawings, images, OLE files, international text and much more
  • Over 100 formula functions, operators, references and expressions
  • Edit cell value
  • Enter text value in any supported language.
  • Enter numeric value
  • Enter formula
  • Recalculate formulae after edit
  • Redraw charts after editing
  • Insert rows and columns
  • Delete rows and columns
  • Format font size and name
  • Format text: Bold, Italic, Underline, text colour
  • Format cell background colour and value colour
  • Horizontal alignment: Left, Centre, Right
  • Vertical alignment: Top, Middle, Bottom
  • Select and drag content
  • Cut and paste cell values
  • Undo edit; style change, value, formula
  • Rotate and zoom to any size
Microsoft® Powerpoint Presentations
  • View slide shows with slides containing text, shapes, images, headings, styles, lines, alignment, OLE content, international text, and much more
  • View each slide
  • Edit text in text box from master slide, in any supported language
  • Insert text
  • Delete text
  • Rotate and zoom to any size
Localised translations for UI
  • English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean

Documents can be viewed and edited in all of the localised languages above, and all other languages using the same fonts.