Review of the Samsung Series 830 256GB SSD Part 2 – The 6Gb/s SATA Test

Recently we reviewed the Samsung Series 830 SSD connected to a 3Gb/s SATA connection. Now we have the second review which specifically looks at connecting the SSD to a 6Gb/s SATA connection.

The Samsung SSD 830 Series boasts superior random read speeds (up to 80,000 IOPS) and faster sequential read and write speeds (up to 520 MB/s & 400 MB/s respectively). It’s the ideal solution for your everyday computing needs, such as web browsing, document creation, viewing or editing multimedia files, playing PC games, etc.

Samsung’s first entry into the world of SSD’s came earlier in the year with the the Series 470 SSD, which we loved. Now, it’s time to introduce it’s successor – the Series 830 SSD.

As the world’s #1 DRAM, NAND Flash, and SSD supplier, Samsung has unique, industry-leading engineering resources, technologies, and manufacturing processes as well as more stringent quality and testing standards. All Samsung SSDs are designed and built completely in-house, rather than sourcing generic parts from the market. The Samsung SSD 830 Series is optimized for exceptional, sustained performance and unrivalled reliability through its specially-engineered wear-levelling and garbage collection algorithms.

There are 4 different models – the 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and the whopping 512GB. There are also 3 different kits – the basic kit (which comes with the SSD, a full version of Norton Ghost 15.0, software and manuals), the laptop installation kit (with comes the same as the basic kit plus a mounting space and SATA data and power cable) and the desktop installation kit (with comes the same as the basic kit plus a 3.5” bracket with screws and SATA data and power cables).

For this review we have the 256GB drive basic kit version.


Solid State Drives, or SSDs, are innovative data storage devices that deliver high performance, reliability, and quality by using NAND Flash memory instead of the magnetic disks used in traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). SSDs provide very fast PC booting and application loading speeds and perform exceptionally well in multi-tasking environments – all while consuming less power, emitting very little heat, producing no noise, and offering outstanding stability compared to conventional HDDs.


What’s in the Box?

As our 830 came directly to us via Korea so wasn’t in the final packaging.

Depending on which kit you buy, the contents will be slightly different (see earlier in the review for what is included in each kit).

Magician Software

Samsung’s SSD Magician software eliminates the confusion and uncertainties of SSD management, making it simple for users to maximize the performance and lifetime of their Samsung SSD. The software helps to maintain the SSD at its peak condition, giving you the same great performance and reliability throughout the life of your PC. In addition to its performance maintenance features, SSD Magician also provides system information and facilitates performance benchmarking, performance optimization, OS optimisation, firmware updates, secure erasing, and over provisioning.

There is a lot to the Magician software, and as such it warrants a separate review, which will be coming shortly.

A Closer Look

And here is what the 830 looks like inside!

Using the 830 SSD with Windows 7

Running the Windows Experience Index provided a 7.9 for the primary hard disk, which was fantastic (and up 0.2 from the 3Gb/s connection)!

Performance Testing the SSD – 6 Gb/s Connection

We ran the Series 830 SSD through a number of performance testing applications, and the results are shown below:

Using HD Tune Pro

The Read test produced an average of 494.0 MB/s (the 3 Gb/s connection scored 259.6 MB/s).

The Write test produced an average of 382.6 MB/s (the 3 Gb/s connection scored 246.9 MB/s).

Using PCMark 7

Using Crystal Disk Mark

Final Thoughts

Instead of following the industry trend of simply focusing on achieving maximum read/write
performance, Samsung chose to optimize the 830 Series firmware to deliver the fastest random speeds, the best sustained performance, and superior reliability.

I thought that the Series 830 SSD was very fast connected to a 3Gb/s SATA connection, but once I connected it to a 6Gb/s connection it was amazing. Those numbers that you can see above are just awesome.

There are some SSDs on the market that are a bit faster, but Samsung are positioning this drive as more reliable and faster in sustained use rather than short bursts.

The 830 SSD is thinner than Samsung’s previous SSD, and its also black rather than silver. You would think that it wouldn’t really matter what the drive looks like considering it will be inside either a desktop or laptop, but Samsung have taken the extra effort to make it look as best as they can make it – and it does look good!

It is really nice to see a full licenced copy of Norton Ghost 15.0 included with the SSD rather than the usual cut down software included with other drives. It also means that if you have problems with Ghost itself you can contact Norton direct rather than having to go via Samsung.

The kits are a really good idea as well, given you everything you need to use the drive in whatever scenario you want and need.

I was very impressed to see that Samsung are pushing the reliability of the 830. They claim that the 830 series has twice the lifespan of the 470 series. They also say that even under heavy workloads (they classify that as around 40GB per day) that you can expect to get around 15 years out of the drive. Now that is a long time!

The 830’s firmware algorithm is also designed to protect your data and recover from events such as sudden power losses. Something tells me that sooner or later I will be putting that one to the test in a real world example! In fact, just before starting the review we had a power-cut, so it would have been very useful!

The Magician software is great and is very easy to use, and has lots of cool features. Stay tuned for the proper review of that shortly.

Price wise (including VAT):

Size Price

64GB £105-109

128GB £189-194

256GB £349-356

512GB £699-705

It is also nice to see that the pricing is very similar depending on which kit you go for – so for only a few extra pounds you can get the cables and either the mounting brackets or spacer.

The warranty period on the series 830 drives are 3 years.

So I cannot rate this SSD highly enough – it is fantastic! It is the best SSD I have ever tested!  What is also great is that Samsung have optimised the 830 to perform well on both 3GB/s and 6GB/s SATA connections. Nice one Samsung!

The Series 830 SSD should be available to buy during October.

We rated the 830 SSD on a 3Gb/s SATA connection 5/5, and we have given 5/5 for the 6Gb/s connection as well, but that is only because we can’t give it a 10!

This is seriously one incredibly fast and amazing drive – get one today, you won’t be disappointed.

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