If you are using a Ceton tuner card with Media Center, Centon have just released a plugin that provides diagnostic data from within Media Center.


The plugin is currently in beta and is included in the latest InfiniTV drivers package.


Ceton InfiniTV Installer (1.5.4295.11-20111005)


  • 1.5.4295.11: Integrated Network Tuners into installer. Added Media Center app for Diagnostics.
  • Fixes for using multiple InfiniTVs with multiple Tuning Adapters
  • Allow for silent installation with “/S” flag
  • Fix crash in diagnostic tool. Improve discovery time
  • Resign drivers with non-expired cert. Fixes for bluescreens in tight memory situations. Fixes for handling multiple InfiniTV’s with Tuning Adapters.

via: DMZ