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StarTech Launch USB2HDMI External Video Adaptor

Do you want to connect your laptop to an HDMI monitor but don’t have an HDMI port? Well now you can with the new StarTech USB2HDMI External Video Adaptor.

The USB2HDMI USB to HDMI® External Video Adapter (Dual or Multi Monitor with Audio) turns an available USB 2.0 port into an HDMI output, with high resolution video support (up to 1920×1080) and audio.

The USB HDMI adapter can be used to mirror your primary desktop, showing the same image on each display, or to extend your desktop to double your workspace and increase your productivity. This external graphics card is a cost-saving multi-monitor or dual display solution, for either laptop or desktop applications, offering the ability to connect an additional HDMI (or DVI) enabled display to your computer setup without the hassle of opening the computer case to install a new video card.

The USB to HDMI Adapter offers the following features:

· Support for 1080p display resolutions (1920 x 1080), 720p video playback recommended

· USB-powered – the adapter draws power from the host USB connection, with no need for an additional power supply/adapter

· Supports the Windows Aero® interface in Windows Vista and Windows 7

· Supports 2-channel (stereo) audio

Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

The Advantage

The USB to HDMI Adapter (SKU: USB2HDMI), is available from leading resellers including Misco, Insight and Amazon and is distributed by Ingram Micro, EntaTech and Micro-P. MSRP for this product is £83.99 GBP exc. VAT.