Another day, another new beta version of the Windows Home Server Drive Extender replacement StableBit DrivePool released – this time its build 3262.


  • Combine all your hard drives into one big storage pool (except the system drive with the OS).
  • Add and remove drives from the pool at any time without re-partitioning or manually moving folders.
  • Create duplicated folders on the storage drive pool that are protected against single drive failure. If a drive fails on which a duplicated file was stored, the contents of that file will remain readable even without the drive.
  • All your data is stored in standard NTFS files. You can always access your files even if the Windows Home Server completely crashes or this add-in can’t be used.

The changes in this version are: ———-

* Fixed the annoying issue of folder names being upper cased. This fix should stop it from happening in the future.

* Fixed bug in code that takes a file out of service.

* Incomplete file repair task now correctly detects files that were out of service and were brought back into service. It now correctly removes the out of service tag.

* Out of service files are not repaired.

* Incomplete file repair task now correctly repairs incomplete directories as well (they were being detected but not repaired). Security / attributes / access times / alternate streams are of course preserved across repairs.

* Fixed unduplicated file detection to not throw up an error if the file part being opened is taken out of service.

Download Stablebit Drivepool build 3262 here Learn more about StableBit DrivePool here

Have you tried it? What do you think?