The average Write speed test results were 89.7 MB/s.

USB 3.0 Write test

USB 2.0 Connected

Connecting it up via USB 2.0, the average Read speed test results were 31.8 MB/s.

USB 2.0 Read test

The average Write speed test results were 28.1 MB/s.

USB 2.0 Write test

Final Thoughts

The Prestige Desktop drive comes as either a 1TB drive or a 2TB. For this review we had the 1TB drive.

As you can see from the above speed tests, USB 3.0 results in around 3 times faster read and write access to the drive, so make sure you hook it up to a USB 3.0 port. If you don’t have one, look at investing in either a USB 3.0 PCIe card or an ExpressCard for a laptop.

The drive itself looks very good – it has a very sleek finish and looks great sitting on its little stand on your desk.

During the testing I did notice a little bit of noise coming from the drive, but nothing that would cause you any concern.

All in all I liked this drive – certainly worth taking a look at if you want something that looks great and is USB 3.0 compatible.

Price wise, the 1TB is around £81 and the 2TB around £116, but as usual, have a look around to find the best deal. Certainly our advice would be to go for the 2TB version.


Learn more from the Iomega website