After months of pre-releases and testing, Brian has today released version 4.01 of My Movies for Windows Media Center, and also the Collection Management component.


Here is the changelog:

Added: Ctrl+W and remote “Clear” button now toggles an elements watch status when clicked in lists.
Added: Small and Transparent icon styles.
Added: “By episode added date” sorting added.
Added: Resume functionalities for movies, including VIDEO_TS folders.
Added: Option to contribute Blu-ray and HD DVD covers with non-standard sizes.
Added: Check when contributing that the front and back cover images is of the same size.
Added: Barcode check when contributing covers
Added: Rolling backdrops (requires 2500 points)
Added: Slim view for TV Episodes
Added: Play next unwatched episode feature.
Added: PowerDVD 11 to external players configuration.
Added: Settings page added within Windows Media Center.
Added: Option to include an evidence file when contributing covers where the barcode is not visible.
Added: Transcoding configuration in Media Center.
Added: Navigation button configuration in media center
Added: External Links on TV Series editing.

Change: Debug disabled by default.
Change: Overlay icons changed to match profile.
Change: Last added now sorts by “Episode added date” instead of added date for TV Series and Seasons.
Change: Watched icon on lists are now also configurable.
Change: Watched icon on lists are now also configurable.
Change: “Specials” is now sorted last on season overview.
Change: Vista style text input boxes changed to Windows 7 styled with on-screen keyboard
Change: Point requirements changes to only have four steps (0, 500, 1250 and 2500).
Change: Online collection, high quality now requires 1250 points, previously 1500.
Change: Covers centered now requires requires 1250 points, previously 1000.
Change: Cover row and details now requires 1250 points, previously 1000.
Change: Backdrops 1080P now requires 1250 points, previously 1000.
Change: Filter point requirements changed, 0-3 filters requires 0 points, 3-5 filters requires 500 points, 5-8 filters requires 1250 points and above 8 filters requires 2500 points. Previously, point required was 250 points per filter above 3 (maximum 2500).
Change: If the database is of a newer version and the client cannot connect, it will check for updates to allow updating of the client.
Change: The database can now be updated directly from Windows Media Center, so that it is not needed to load the Collection Management program on updates.

Update: MediaInfo.dll files

Fix: Some TV Series on the Dune’s did not play.
Fix: An invalid genre could cause a crash.
Fix: minor error when editing profile pictures.
Fix: Minor adjustments due to incoming crash logs.
Fix: Bug when adding a new TV series without a language specific title and showing it in the title list.
Fix: Print report did not include nodes in series/box sets.
Fix: Null pointer error when trying to get the name of an episode without a name.
Fix: If a title somehow got an empty title, the Dune index could get destroyed by it.
Fix: error in FolderMonitoring when handling queue with directories that has been updated.
Fix: Update of all persons didn’t update the date for when the person was last updated.
Fix: Update of TV Series is now done one series at a time, to avoid freeze of progress.
Fix: Decades on Dune meta-data storage could include titles from wrong production years.
Fix: SaveTV properties file included an incorrect running time.
Fix: Resume was missing from detailed view.
Fix: Automatic update works again.
Fix: Issue with resume on VIDEO_TS folders
Fix: Exception from TreeList because of disposed images.
Fix: Image sorting now sets neutral with same level as specific language.
Fix: Chapter/episode titles are now saved as unicode chars.
Fix: Issue with external players on X64 systems.
Fix: Exception when previous selected overlay icon style no longer existed.
Fix: Series overview now merges with info from all languages to make sure all possible episodes are there.
Fix: Total progressbar is now used on database optimize.
Fix: Delete of tv episode in Media Center did not work.
Fix: Updates of TV series and episode images now works better. Lock on images removed.
Fix: Personal data was not remembered on episode updates.

Collection Management

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I’m updating from 4.01 PR6 right now!

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