Over the last week we have been running another one of our giveaways – this time giving you a chance to win one of four copies of Diskeeper 2011 for Windows Home Server or Professional. And now it is time for the results.


You can check out our hands-on review of Diskeeper 2011 for Windows Home Server here

So we asked you to download the trial version and then let us know in the forums. How easy was that?

Right, so here are the four winners:

Jonathan Hill

John Zajdler



One thing we noticed is that the prize was for the Home Server edition (which is for WHS V1) or Professional (for your PC) and a lot of people asked for the WHS 2011 version. Unfortunately there isn’t a WHS 2011 version, so we will give you the choice again.

Congratulations guys, we will be in touch with you very soon about your prize. For everyone else keep your eyes open here at UWHS for future giveaways.