Our friends over at Diskeeper have been kind enough to give us a number of copies of their Diskeeper 2011 products to give away to you guys. We are giving away the final 4 copies of Diskeeper 2011. And this is your last chance to win!


Check out our review of Diskeeper 2011 for Windows Home Server here Check out our review of Diskeeper 2011 Professional here

So what do you have to do to win a full copy of Diskeeper 2011 for Windows Home Server or Diskeeper 2011 Professional?

[box size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]At the top of every page you will see a Diskeeper 2011 Trial ad. Click it and go download a trial edition of Diskeeper 2011 (any version you like) and when asked, tell them we sent you. Then pay a visit to our forums and let us know you have done it and which version you would like if you win (either Professional or Windows Home Server V1). If you entered last time, or already have a trial copy, just click on the ad and leave us a message in the forum. The only other thing we ask is that you complete your forum profile as much as you can.[/box]

That’s it, simple!

We will then pick 4 people at random from the emails we receive.

The competition is open to anyone (even if you entered last time), so good luck.

The 4 winners will be announced on the site on Saturday 28th May, so get going.

And thank you again to our friends at Diskeeper for all the licences.