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Advanced Admin Console 2011 Beta Updated to Version 0.9.2

Only a few weeks since the first beta for Advanced Admin Console 2011, Andreas has released an update, taking it to version 0.9.2.

Directly from the website:

The Advanced Admin Console AddIn is an award-winning AddIn for the Windows Home Server platform. The first AAC beta was released in January 2008 and has since then become one of the most successful AddIns for Windows Home Server with an estimated user base of over 20,000 users worldwide.

Improvements in this new release

Version 0.9.2 beta of AAC 2011 has been improved in three ways:

  1. The error messages mentioned above will no longer appear.
  2. The web browser tab status bar shows whether Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled.
  3. Enhanced Security Configuration can be directly configured from the web browser tab.

This new feature is detailed in the Evaluator’s Guide which is included in the AAC 2011 Beta download package.

Changelog for release 0.9.2:

Go to the downloads page to download the Advanced Admin Console 2011 Beta.