The January / February 2011 issue of SMB PC magazine is out and in it is an article on Windows Home Server 2011, written by yours truly!

SMB Jan issue

I was honoured to be asked to write a State of the Union style article on Windows Home Server 2011 for SMB PC magazine. The hardest part I has was balancing all the negative comments and feedback about WHS 2011 and with what I could actually talk about that wasn’t under NDA! Watch out for a follow up article soon!

Below is the article – let me know what you think.

GeekSpeak 2011

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  • DavidB

    I have been using a MediaSmart EX470 for several years and as you stated, the backup feature is well worth the price of the device. DE was only one method of getting higher data protection in case of a mishap. Personally, I won't miss it and welcome the ease of WHS 2011 because it makes it very easy to make an off site copy of the entire server. That was difficult under the previous version.

    I have also discovered with a few mouse clicks, I can create a RAID disk setup on my relatively new PC with an Intel motherboard. If I get concerned about data redundancy, I'll invoke this feature.

    After some initial testing of WHS 2011 RC, I am looking forward to the public release of the product.

    • Andrew Edney

      thanks David – I think that WHS 2011 still has a lot to offer, so I am glad you are liking it. Stick with UWHS for more news, videos, and walk-throughs.

  • Alexander

    The State of the Union Is Strong

  • snowdins

    I myself am looking forward to getting on with 2011 and doing away with DE. I welcome this change! I hope more OEMS start to back this as well.

    • I just hope that all the OEMs are not put off by the outcry from the community saying “we won’t use WHS 2011”