CES 2011 More Booth Tours

Last week I posted a tour of the Microsoft booth from CES 2011. Here are some more tours around some of the booths at CES 2011.

CES 2011 – The Venue

The venue for CES 2011 was Las Vegas (as I am sure everyone probably realises by now), but the actual event was spread over multiple halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Las Vegas Hilton, The Venetian and many other meeting rooms and suites throughout Las Vegas. All of which made it “interesting” to get from place to place in time for any meetings!

The Samsung Booth

Samsung once again had a huge booth covering everything from 3D television, laptops, phones, washing machines and internet enabled refrigerators!

They had some live demos on how fast their SSD’s were compared to other drives.

They also had one of the Windows 7 tablets on display – I wasn’t allowed to touch it or film it but I was allowed to take pictures. One thing I did notice was how similar the look on the screen was to that of an Apple iPad (take a look at the 2nd picture below to see what I mean!)

Plus they had phones galore…

And of course televisions, both 2D and 3D – and even connected televisions.

They even had the world’s largest Full HD 3D LED tv which was 75” and was very thin!

They even had a huge banner on the outside of the Convention Center!

The Sharp Booth

Sharp also had the usual assortment of televisions and other kit.

One very cool demo involved a 3D camera and television and a live model moving around, playing with items such as umbrellas and streams to show off just how good it was – and I was actually very surprised how good it really was!

They even had E-readers in the form of their Galapagos range.

The Sony Booth

Sony had a very large booth again and they were really pushing 3D TV and movies, and had the car from the forthcoming (if you are in the UK, or out now in the US) Green Hornet movie!

Plus TVs, laptops, cameras, bloggies, and more!

The Audi Booth

Yes, that’s right – the Audi booth. They had a number of concept cars on display – mainly current models that had been changed and adapted.

It’s A Wrap!

And that concludes my booth tour photo gallery! There was so much more to see, but unfortunately there was not enough time to see it all, take pictures, talk to people, etc.

Next year I will do better!