CES 2011 was a great event and was full of great products, great press events and great memories. Take a few minutes to look at some of the pictures from CES 2011.

Once I got there I met Andrew and checked into the hotel. After a quick lunch it was time to go to the Venetian and register. The monorail is the way to go.CES 2011 - Monorail

CES 2011 in Pictures

SiliconDust Booth

Jason Ludka gave me all of the information on the new line of SiliconDust tuners. Thank you Jason. Now when is the RELEASE DATE?


Quick picture of the CES 2011 SiliconDust handout:

CES 2011 - SiliconDust Product Line

SiliconDust Prime

I touched it and saw it working and even got to work with Jason to reset the tuners.

CES 2011 - SiliconDust Prime

CES 2011 - SiliconDust Prime

CES 2011 - SiliconDust Prime

CES 2011 - SiliconDust Duals

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