CES 2011 A Visit With Fractal Design

One of my many meetings at CES 2011 was with a Swedish company called Fractal Design. You may have heard of them – they make very cool looking cases, but that’s not all they do!

Who Are Fractal Design?

This is how Fractal Design describe themselves:

The concept – Design

The concept of Fractal Design is to provide products with an extraordinary design level, without compromising the important factors of quality, functionality and pricing. The computer of today has come to play a central role in most people’s home, creating a demand for appealing design of the computer itself and its accessories.
Our main product areas are computer enclosures, power supplies, cooling, and Media Center-products, such as Home Theatre-enclosures, keyboards and remote controls.

Designed and engineered in Sweden

All Fractal Design products have been thoroughly designed, tested and specified in our Swedish head quarter. The well known ideas of scandinavian design can be found through all of our products; a minimalistic but yet striking design – less is more.

Visions and goals

Our vision is to have a constant, healthy growth together with our partners worldwide. Our goal is to be widely recognized for our designed products and to have them available in all major market regions within EU and US. We should be a good alternative to the already established retail brands of today. It’s of great importance for us that our partners understand the values of Fractal Design, therefore we are putting great effort into choosing the right partners from the start. We will work actively to maintain sales territories and profitable business for our partners.

The way to reach our goals

In the competitive market of today, it’s not enough to just provide excellent products. Regular and well planned marketing activities in close cooperation with the channel and the available media, are keypoints to succeed. We are well experienced in marketing brands in the IT business, and we will use this to create efficient marketing tools – to gain a bigger market share and good earning possibilities for our channel.

Fractal Design have three main series of computer cases – the Array, the Arc and the Define series. Each of these cases are aimed at a slightly different audience depending on their needs – for example if you want a quiet case, or a case for maximum modifications.

I have to apologise again about the quality of some of the pictures – for some reason a few of the pictures came out a little blurry!

The Define Series

The Define series is reaching new heights in combining stylish, contemporary design with maximum functionality and noise absorbing features. The minimalistic, yet stunning front panel design, fitted with noise absorbing material on the inside, creates an aura of exclusivity.

Key features

  • Stunning front panel design
  • Patent pending ModuVent™ design, allowing the user to either have optimal silence or optimal airflow
  • Pre-fitted with dense, noise absorbing material
  • 6(!) white painted HDD-trays, with silicone mounting
  • A total of 6 fan slots (2x120mm in front, 1x 120/140mm in top, 1x120mm in back, 1x 120/140mm in side panel, 1x 120mm in bottom)
  • Two120mm Fractal Design 120mm fans included
  • Fan controller for 3 fans included
  • Upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable
  • USB3 support in the front panel
  • Excellent cable routing and cable routing covers
  • Supports graphic cards with lengths up to circa 400mm when upper HDD bay is removed
  • Extra, vertically mounted expansion slot, suitable for fan controllers or non-input expansion cards

The Arc Series

The new Fractal Design Arc Series of cases create a niche of their own; a combination of stellar performance and cooling options with stylish, minimalistic looks and an overall understated elegance.

Key features

  • Stylish, minimalistic front panel with alu-look
  • Optimized for performance, massive cooling and water cooling support
  • A total of 8(!) fan slots (2x 140mm in front, 3x 120/140 in top, 1x  120/140 in bottom, 1x 120/140 in rear, 1x 140/180mm in side panel)
  • 3x 140mm fans included (1x in front, 1x in rear and 1x in top)
  • Support for dual 120mm radiator in top, even thicker radiators up to 60mm in thickness
  • 8x white painted HDD trays, with silicone mounting
  • Upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable
  • USB3 support in front panel
  • Excellent cable routing and cable routing covers
  • Easily removable front panel with clip on fan slots
  • Extra, vertically mounted expansion slot, suitable for fan controllers or non-input expansion cards

Fans and Power Supplies

And it is not just PC cases that Fractal produce – they also have fans and power supplies.

Thank you again to Fractal for hosting the meeting and look out for some UWHS hands-on reviews shortly, along with much more information on these very cool cases.

One of the things that really stuck out was that you could easily move items in the cases around – for example, if you have very little room in the case because of longer graphics cards, you can move around the hard drive bays. May not seem like much but believe me when you had issues in the past with fitting everything in a case, and then having to leave something out because it doesn’t quite fit, something like this is a fantastic idea.

You can learn more about Fractal Design and see more of their products on their website.


  1. MarcL

    I bought a Define R3 last week to migrate my WHS into, and I love it!

    It's so sleek and minimalistic in style yet I can't keep my eyes off of it.

    I will surely be buying another Fractal Design case either for my main computer rig, or for my clients.

    Two big thumbs up to FD!