When I was a little boy one Christmas I got bigtrak – and it was cool! Now bigtrak is back and here we have an unboxing.

Now we don’t just look at expensive servers and other high end kit here at UWHS, we also look at cool and fun things as well. Anyone who is around my age, and I’m not saying, but if you remember bigtrak then you know what age I am talking about, will probably have fond memories of bigtrak.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, bigtrak was a tank / truck from MB that you could program to drive around your house, fire a laser (obviously not a real one) and pull a separate transport.

You would program bigtrak to go forward, turn, etc, etc, and sit back and watch it do it.

Retro toys and gadgets are back in fashion and when I saw that bigtrak was back I just had to have one again.

So here is the great unboxing:




Below is the original TV advert for bigtrak:

bigtrak–the original advert

I can’t wait to relive some of my childhood memories.

You can also check out the bigtrak website for more fun things.

Look out for more on bigtrak soon on UWHS.

Do you have memories of bigtrak? Why not share them with us?