Microsoft announced today that Office for Mac 2011 will be able at the end of October 2010.

Office Mac 2011 Logo

We mentioned Office for Mac 2011 back in July.

Now Microsoft have said that it will be available on the 26th October, so not much longer to wait for those of you who want it.

If you buy Office 2008 for Mac today, you can get an upgrade for free, and even better, if you are a TechNet or MSDN subscriber, Microsoft have stated that it will be there by the end of October.

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what they have done with Outlook!

You can also watch this new video about the features of Office for Mac 2011:

Let us know your thoughts….

  • Holt

    The university I work at just got the volume license version which is the RTM for use to "test" until the retail launch. All the staff/faculty is moving to Exchange from an old IMAP system. I just added my Exchange Account to Mac Office and it synced fine. Unified inbox is pretty cool and conversation view as well. The menu ribbon view is different for mac but if you use Office 2010 on a PC, you can find most of the similar features on Mac 2011.

    • thanks Holt 🙂

      with Outlook can you have multiple email accounts showing seperately rather than in a unified view (like you can currently with Outlook 2010)?


      • Holt

        Yeah, i just figured out how today. Under Preferences, the first category is called "Personal Settings". Click the "General" tab here and the setting is, "Group similar folder, such as Inboxes, from different account." That is the one that toggles the account list view like 2010.

        The other setting hides personal folders but 2011 calls it "Hide On My Computer folders". With exchange accounts, you don't need the personal folders so this setting is useful.

        The only way I saw to open a shared exchange mail box was to add it as a separate account. In 2010 it is under the "Advanced" menu of the Data File Properties. Called "Open additional Mailboxes. When I think about it, the Mac way makes more sense. Who would intuitively think to look under the data file properties of the first account to add a second mail box that is really liked as a shared mail box on your exchange account. Users don't think like sytem admins and the Mac version stays true to this in setting up accounts.

        • thanks Holt – thats good information to know 🙂

          if you want to write up an article on Office 2011 I would be happy to post it 🙂

        • Holt

          I haven't added my personal IMAP accounts or imported any .pst files but it's all there. If you use previous versions of Outlook and can navigate the settings and menus, 2011 will be similar.