AVerMedia have launched a network TV tuner called the HD HomeFree Duet.


You would be forgiven for thinking that sounds a lot like the SiliconDust HDHomeRun, because not only does it sound like that, it performs pretty much the same function.

You can take a look at some of our posts on the HDHomeRun to familiarise yourself with it again.

Anyway, here is how AVerMedia describe the HD HomeFree Duet:

AVerMedia HD HomeFreeTM Duet provides an easy and complete solution for users to enjoy watching Digital TV on any computer within your home network.

AVerMedia HD HomeFreeTM Duet is a TV signal streaming device that allows users to watch high quality digital TV programs on PCs in any room within your home network. The powerful hardware design and dual-tuners provide up to two PCs to watch different HDTV channels at the same time without any video quality loss.

To set up your home TV network is easy, just simply connect a digital TV antenna and (wireless) IP router to the HD HomeFreeTM Duet. Your network-connected PC/ laptop with AVerTV 6 software pre-installed will automatically access the TV signal streaming from the HD HomeFreeTM Duet. Then, you will never miss any of your favorite shows and you may enjoy live HDTV programs or DVR functionality anywhere in your home without having a TV tuner or antenna attached to your PC.

You can learn more from the AVerMedia website.

You can also watch a short video on the AVerMedia HD HomeFree Duet:

The AVerMedia HD HomeFree Duet

Here is the full press release:

AVerMedia Launches the Brand New Network TV Tuner ’HD HomeFreeTM Duet’

HD HomeFreeTM Duet makes users to enjoy Digital TV on any computers anywhere within a home network

Taipei, 10th August 2010

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital multimedia technology, officially announced today the HDTV support, Network-Attached, Cable-less TV Tuner, HD HomeFreeTM Duet. The AVerMedia HD HomeFreeTM Duet, a digital TV box equipped with duel TV tuners, is capable to support two users simultaneously watching high quality digital TV programs on PCs within a home network. Users of HD HomeFreeTM are allowed to watch, record and time shift digital TV on computers while enjoying their personal TV entertainment. Positioned as a full function support, home-free product, the HD HomeFreeTM Duet enables to transmit non-distorted HDTV signal with quality up to 1080i cablelessly thru WLAN and meet every need of home entertainment.

Ease of setting up your very own HDTV

Watching HDTV with its superb brilliant technology of TV signal streaming and sharing, the HD HomeFreeTM Duet can share one digital TV signal to two PCs/ laptops for watching different HDTV channels at the same time without any video quality loss. Its powerful hardware design of dual-tuner and single antenna required only, allow users to easily set up a “private home TV network.” Just simply connect a digital TV antenna and (wireless) IP router to the HD HomeFreeTM Duet, any two home-network-connected PCs/ laptops with AVerTV 6 HomeFree software pre-installed will automatically access the real time TV signal streamed from HD HomeFreeTM Duet. On the same home network, two users are able to enjoy their very own HDTV on their computers individually. There will be no more missed shows and programs with AVerMedia HD HomeFreeTM Duet!

Enjoy HDTV in any corner at home

AVerMedia is dedicated to deliver a better user experience of home entertainment with its digital multimedia technology. The HomeFreeTM Duet is designed under the philosophy to provide effortless and boundless HDTV fun with location freedom at home. HD HomeFreeTM Duet can stream digital TV with full broadcast resolution up to 1080i through LAN/ Wireless LAN/HomePlug. With it at home, there is no hassle to receive HDTV signal in any corner of a house. HDTV signal is just everywhere, no matter in dining room, bedroom, or even bathroom. The HomeFreeTM Duet is perfect fit for young couples and small family that enjoy family time together and also their personal time and private space at home. Without bothering cable on your PCs, HomeFreeTM Duet gives you extremely fun of HDTV home entertainment.

About AVerMedia Technologies:

AVerMedia is the technology leader in Digital Multimedia Video Convergence Technology. Aside from its full line of TV Tuners and Personal Video Recorder products, AVerMedia provides Hardware and Software DVR Board Security Systems, Document Cameras, Digital Video Makers, TV Photo Viewers, and PC-to-TV Converters for consumer and corporate/ educational markets. AVerMedia also partners with ODMs for the development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integration applications.

It looks like an interesting device, it’s just a shame they couldn’t have come up with a name that didn’t make it sound like their competition!