HP recently released a new Windows Home Server – the StorageWorks Data Vault X310. Here is our review.


The X310 Data Vault has been available for a few weeks in the US, and now the X311 and X312 are available in Europe, so we figured it was about time we reviewed one.

The X310/11/12 is aimed primarily at the small and home business market. It is cheaper than the X510 and has a reduced feature set – mainly those features that most businesses don’t want or need, and an Atom processor, and only a 1 year warranty.





The X510 had an Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.5Ghz where as the X310 has an Intel Atom Dual Core D510 1.6GHz processor. The reduction in the processor is mainly due to the removal of the video conversion capabilities – a higher spec processor, whilst nice, is not really needed if you just want to use WHS for its core functionality.

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