Review of the Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder

If you want your own security system for home and you want to record everything, then you may want to look at the Swann DVR4-2500 security recorder.

A lot of people want a good, but cheap solution to help secure their home or office, and Swann have released the DVR4-2500 to help with that little task.

Here is what Swann say about the DVR4-2500:

  • High quality video cameras with state-of-the-art 420 TV line CCD resolution
  • State-of-the-art night vision captures high-image clarity up to 50ft (15m) away
  • Input all 4 cameras at once for a total comprehensive security solution
  • View & record 4 channels simultaneously so you won’t miss any suspicious activity
  • VGA connection lets you view on your PC to record or store footage
  • Easily connects to any TV for additional viewing capabilities
  • Equipped with remote viewing software to stream over the web remotely
  • Lets you set & forget by recording continuously from all 4 cameras for over 30 days
  • Durable, all-weather aluminium camera housing protects what’s inside
  • Cutting-edge H.264 recording technology means less storage needed & higher image quality
  • Professional security solution for home or business at a fraction of the price


Video Format : NTSC or PAL

Video Inputs : 4 Composite BNC Inputs

Video Outputs : 2 Composite BNC Outputs, VGA Out

Display Resolution :

NTSC: 704 x 480
PAL: 704 x 576

Display Frame Rate :

NTSC: 120fps
PAL: 100fps

Audio Input : 4 RCA Inputs

Audio Output : 2 RCA Outputs

Compression Format : H.264

Recording Resolution :

NTSC: D1 (704 x 480), HD1 (704 x 240) CIF (352 x 240)
PAL: D1 (704 x 576), HD1, (352 x 288), CIF (352 x 288)

Global Recording Frame Rate :

NTSC: 30 fps D1, 60 fps HD1, 120 fps CIF
PAL: 25 fps D1,50 fps HD1, 100 fps CIF

Recording Modes : Manual / Motion / Schedule / Sensor

Multiplex Operation : Triplex

HDD Interface / Memory Type : SATA

Hard Drive Support : Up to 1TB

LAN Connection : Yes

Network Interface : RJ45

Network Protocol : TCP/IP, DDNS

Remote Operation : Yes

Operating Power : DC 12V

Dimensions :

12.4″ x 8.9″ x 2.4″
315mm x 225mm x 60mm

Weight : 4.4lbs / 2 kg

Backup Method : USB to Flash Drive

Mouse Support : Yes

Remote Control : Yes

Remote Control Battery Type : 2 x AAA


So what is the box:

– DVR4-2500
– BNC Cable 50ft (15m) x 4
– BNC to RCA Cable 3ft (1m)
– Remote Control
– Software CD
– Mouse
– Power Adapter

– Operating Instructions

It appears that the US one has a hard drive preinstalled and also 4 security cameras!


Even though this is a security recorder, it doesn’t come with a hard drive already installed (although this may be a UK only issue). But installation one (and according to the documentation, a SATA II Hard Drive up to 1TB can be used) was simply a case of unscrewing the lid of the DVR, slide it off, and then just connecting up and mounting the drive.


I connected the DVR to my monitor and powered it all up without any problems at all – whole thing took only a few moments.

I hooked up one of the Swann PRO-555 Security cameras to the DVR. Last week we posted a review of the PRO-555 which you can read here: Review of the Swann PRO-555 Security Camera

I took a few pictures of the screen, so apologies for the quality!

If you were to have more than one camera connected then the picture would appear in the relevant box.

You can easily control the DVR either via the remote control or via the supplied USB mouse (which was a nice touch).

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the internet viewing part working, nor could I get the software working for viewing on my computer – this way primarily because the software wasn’t actually on the mini-cd as claimed by the manual, and the software that was on there didn’t perform those tasks. The Swann website didn’t have the software that I could download either, and if I had have had longer I would have contacted Swann technical support, but unfortunately I didn’t so that went untested.

Below is a video explaining more about the DVR4-2500


The DVR4-2500 was very easy to set up and get going, it’s a pity I had issues with the software for the PC and remote internet viewing (which also meant I couldn’t try the iPhone app). But what I did try I really liked. With more time I would have like to get all the features working, but it wasn’t to be. But don’t let that put you off!

If you are looking for a low cost, but high quality security system you should definitely take a look at the Swann DVR4-2500 and cameras.

The retail price for the DVR4-2500 (without hard drive or cameras) here in the UK is around the £250 mark but it can be found cheaper, for example Amazon have it for under £200. In the UK, the model with the hard drive is around the $400 mark and the bundle with the cameras is around $700.


  1. Mark

    Cameras couldn't a burglar if they walked right up to them, cameras all grainy, no real clear picture even after trying to focus them. Dvr has all the bells and whistle but only one camera works on tjis unit and it cost $400. The whole system is grossly over priced. Over all rating 1 to 10, It gets a "1"