This is the first of two articles where I will be installing two HDHomeRun Dual TV Tuners. This week I will walk you through the easy installation and software setup. Next week I will show you how to customize and use the HDHomeRun tuners for Windows Media Center.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) now requires that I disclose any relationship I may have with anyone that provides something of value in connection with my reviews. I would like to disclose that I do not accept any form of cash compensation. I purchased the first tuner from Ritz Camera and Andrew had the second one shipped to me.



HDHomeRun® Dual ATSC/QAM Digital TV Tuner

The Dual tuner model from SiliconDust:

  • 8-VSB (ATSC over-the-air digital TV)
  • QAM64/256 (unencrypted digital cable TV)
  • 100baseTX high speed network
  • 1 year warranty – Full specifications and a detailed description can be found on their website at:


    In July of last year Andrew did a great review of the European HDHomeRun model at:

    After reading Andrew’s article I became curious about what these HDHomeRun network tuners have to offer. I had a bad taste for digital antenna as I have been running an ATI TV USB 650 dual tuner for the last six months with limited success. Ugh.

    I met Jason Ludka at CES 2010 and he took the time to explain all of the SiliconDust equipment. Thank you again Jason! After CES I decided to get me one for the garage HTPC and trash the 650. Two months have gone by and now I have two tuners ready for installation tonight.

    Why Four Tuners?

    Three words. Thursday Night TV. At the 8:00 PM slot there is:

    • Survivor on CBS
    • Community on NBC
    • Grey’s Anatomy on ABC
    • American Idol on Fox

    With four tuners I can record all four shows at the same time and not miss a show! Well, I only watch Survivor actually but I am sure many of you watch more than one. Once Flash Forward comes back and V is on then I will need the multiple tuner set up anyway…

    But You Pay For Cable Service…

    Now, I have been a advocate of CableCARD for the last few years (and still am) but there is something good to say for a standard digital antenna. In my area just outside of Los Angeles I can get secondary channels for most of the networks. Most of these channels are lower resolution but are only available from a digital antenna. They often have good shows, weather or even raw feeds for viewing. These channels are NOT available anywhere else in my area! Oh, and they are FREE!

    Check out your own local channels with the HDHomeRun listings:

    Azusa Channels

    Having a digital antenna in case of emergency or cable outage is a silent added bonus.

    Equipment Needed:

    • 2 HDHomeRun Dual Tuners
    • 3 Beers or Pints as my neighbor to the North calls them (Optional as always)
    • Digital Antenna and/or Cable Service
    • 2 Coax Splitters (Home Depot $8)

    Dual HDHomeRun Dual Tuners

    HDHomeRun Tuner Installation

    Installation is quite simple. I used a couple of splitters for the cable and digital antenna connections. The Tuner comes with all of the cables you need but you may need a splitter if you do not have two input sources.

    HDHomeRun Tuners with Splitters