Today Twonky have updated their TwonkyMedia Manager software to version 1.3.1. This release also includes TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.3.

TwonkyMedia manager streams your music, photos and videos to compatible devices in your home. Playing media on a compatible device is easy. Just drag and drop a media file or playlist onto the icon for the device. For example, if you want to play a slideshow of your favorite photos on your TV, simply drag the playlist onto the TV icon.

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What’s New in TwonkyMedia Manager v1.3.1

– Now includes TwonkyMedia server 5.1.3
– We now automatically back the entire database — including all custom fields when the Rebuild Database button is pressed
– Implemented changes to improve pausing of videos on Samsung TVs
– Improved device discovery. Also fixed a problem that sometimes caused renderers to take a long time to appear
– Fixed streaming problems with XBOX 360 and some DivX, Xvid or MP4 video files
– Fixed an issue where M3U playlist import didn’t work unless rescan was set to automatic
– Fixed a problem that made it appear like playlists didn’t go away after they were deleted
– Fixed a problem deleting playlists on HP MediaSmart PCs running TwonkyMedia server
– We’ve inserted a slider in-between the devices and playlist section. The gives you more control on screens like a limited number of vertical pixels and also allows users with large monitors to show more device icons at once
– Reduced the amount of media feed-related traffic that TMM generates. Now the media feeds only be refreshed when a user presses F5 or asks to have the feeds updated (not automatically during server rebuilds)
– Updated the TwonkyMedia Manager installation guide
Each renderer’s shuffle and repeat button state is now independent from the others on a network. – Before it was carried on to the next renderer selected
– Can now find and push the best resource among DTCP-IP content
– Playback no longer stops after transferring playlists from one PC to another using “Follow Me”
– Fixed some issues in the Now Playing window between two PCs
– Fixed a problem that caused a pushed slideshow to stop on the first photo with some transition time settings
– Fixed a problem where the shift select and delete key didn’t work properly with playlists
– Fixed a possible crash in streaming for Shoutcast stations
– Fixed problems with text in the Settings screen for non US languages being too wide for the Settings window
– Fixed a problem where the French Help file was not properly displayed
– Pressing play in Browse or Folder views now plays the first available media item
– Fixed some problems with trial expiration
– Fixed a problem pushing FLAC playlists to a Denon receivers and Philips networked music players
Known Issues
– The first time you launch TwonkyMedia manager, it has to scan all of your media and import all of your playlists. This can take several minutes. During this process, TwonkyMedia manager may appear a little sluggish and you may not see all of your media until this process is complete.
– You can’t change some media feed settings or view personalized feeds if you’re running as a 30-day trial
– You cannot push media feeds to Samsung network-ready TVs. Please use TwonkyBeam instead. It’s a free download

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