Ceton Prime

This is the fifth of five articles about my Windows Media Center build in anticipation of the new Ceton CableCARD tuner release. Tonight I will be talking briefly about the Startup and Windows installation in the Alienware P2 Chassis.


The plan is to have this system replace my Moxi Charter Cable DVR AND my WMC PC.

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The Rig

The chassis is a Alienware P2 case with light kit.

Ceton Prime


I get paid every two weeks and get a few items each paycheck. This paycheck was free since I already had the OS. I am actually now done with this build, well before the March Ceton release.

Ceton Prime?

I am naming her Ceton Prime in honor of the Ceton Multi-Channel Cable TV Card scheduled for release on March 31, 2010.


This Paycheck – $0

The amount spent so far is $260+$434+$355+$225 for a subtotal of $1,274 (no tax). Not too bad for a Windows Media Center.

Add in the $399 for Ceton card and I am at $1,673.

Why Video Cards on this Windows Media Center?

Those two EVGA 9800 cards I bought will drive my Dell monitors. I currently have a Dell Studio 540 with two 4350 video cards feeding my four monitors. Everything actually works well but I get stutter if I am watching video, recording TV and running other applications at the same time. I knew that adding a Ceton card would tax the system and needed to upgrade.

Office - Dec 2009

Upgrade Rationale

  • EVGA motherboard has TWO gigabit Ethernet ports for increased video transfer to WHS
  • i5 Core 750 quad-core processor will handle the encoding/compression load
  • Two non-RAID Black Caviar drives will allow one to read OS and one to store/write video
  • 64-bit will allow for increased memory as funding permits
  • Increased motherboard slots for two video cards, Ceton 1X slot and “eventually” USB 3.0

Ceton Prime

Ceton Prime

First Start

I am very impressed with the EVGA board and how easy it was to set up. You definitely get the quality you pay for with this level of motherboard.


Power Consumption

Per your request welchworks…


Sit and Wait

I will now wait for the Ceton card to be released. This is so exciting. Seriously.

See you at the end of March, Ceton!