My Internet Explorer crashed all the time. I mean crashed a lot. I could not explain it (or fix it)and since it had been doing it since right after the fresh OS install I was very frustrated. Performance was poor and the messages were driving me crazy. Does this happen to you? Do you happen to use Skype?


My original article for tuning up Internet Explorer can be found at:

So, this morning Windows 7 finally gave me the answer. It had never specified Skype was an issue before today. This is just the add-on of course and not the Skype program.

24 times? Yeah, time to disable it. I would have never thought this was the issue and I do not know why Windows 7 did not tell me before. I have had this OS since October 22!


Disable the Skype Add-on

Tools>Manage Add-ons:


All fixie. No crashes all day. If you use the Skype Add-on then you might want to leave it alone but I do not want it! Again, this is the just the Add-on and not the Skype application.

Check it out for yourself and fix your Internet Explorer!

Now We Know,