What do you do if your PC cannot connect to your network or server during a PC Restore from Windows Home Server? If you have another PC on the network and a USB enclosure you can remove the drive and Restore from outside the PC.

USB Drive Restore


My moms Inspiron 15 was having a conflict with SlingPlayer and simply removing the program did not solve the issue. Her work tech had made some changes and the laptop turned into a brick after Windows started.

I had a clean backup from a few weeks ago and told her I would Restore it last night. My plan was to stop by the parents, start the Restore and go home. I have done this a dozen times. Easy right?

Not tonight.

Video of the Error

Every time I got to the Server connection screen it would NOT find the Server. What’s a boy to do? (insert Google rejected curse word here)


Restore to a USB Drive?

Yes, you can put the existing drive in a USB Enclosure and Restore your PC to that drive. This also means if you want to upgrade your drive for example, you can do it outside your existing system and just swap the drives out when you are done. How cool is that? I love Windows Home Server. Seriously.

Remove Drive

Pull the drive out of the Inspiron 15. Two screws.

USB Drive Restore

Remove the drive from the tray. Two more screws.

USB Drive Restore

Hold drive in hand. Take picture with phone.

USB Drive Restore