Beta 2 of F-Secure for WHS

Got this yesterday from the F-Secure guys:

This message is sent to everyone participating to the F-Secure Home Server Security beta program.

We just released a new beta 2 version of the product. It is available for you to download through this link:

The installation of this version works in the same fashion as with the previous beta. You can download the latest release notes and the quick installation guide through these links:

Release Notes:

Quick Installation Guide:

All the feedback such as bug reports should be sent to us by e-mail at address


F-Secure beta piloting team

So, go download the update now 🙂


  1. aedney

    The whole point of a beta is to find the bugs and get rid of them. No one should ever expect a beta, especially a beta 1 product to be bug free. I have been running the beta and I havent experienced any problems so far – same for beta 2.

    As for the corruption bug, this will be fixed in Power Pack 1 which will be released shortly.